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PerfectHR is a completely integrated web native employee tracking and benefits management system designed to help you create the HR Perfect World. PerfectHR makes it possible for you to manage your complete Human Resource process. PerfectHR is a tool which provides the capability to manage the organization’s human assets and human capital.


The role of HR is rapidly changing and requiring more strategic input.

Achieving this goal can only be accomplished by eliminating administrative tasks.


PerfectHR is designed for middle market companies like yours.

Our clients have been able to achieve these goals:

• Eliminate numerous spreadsheets containing duplicate employee information shake-hands
• Allow for single entry of employee information to HR and Payroll systems reducing the time errors
• Comply with government reporting requirements such as EEO and OSHA
• Reduce the time for benefit enrollment, benefit reconciliation and benefit analysis
• Answer management’s requests for information in a timely and professional manner
• Improve employee development and maintain critical information about employee skills and improvement programs
• Report on and help reduce excess absenteeism and respond to employee requests for information about vacation balances
• Manage salary administration and budgeting with easy to use tools for analysis, distribution of information to departmental managers and reporting


hr-screenshot-1PerfectHR will help you achieve your short term and strategic objectives by providing an easy to use, and understand Human Resource Information System. All of your employee data can be accessed via the web anytime, anywhere 24/7.


Imagine a world where you are free to analyze information and not have a need to worry about the data administration functions that are inherent in manual or cumbersome systems. Your time will be spent providing management with strategic business information that will help you achieve the future success of your organization. PerfectHR comes with hundreds of pre- configured reports that analyze every aspect of your employee information and will help you point out potential shortfalls in your Human Capital needs to management before they occur. You and only you will be in a unique position to recommend strategies that can avoid costly mistakes hr-screenshot-2in hiring, promoting, benefits management and terminations. All this while reducing the amount of time you and your department spends on data entry and administration.

With PerfectHR the system performs all of the routine tasks and stores your information in a single database that can be interfaced with PerfectPayroll and shared with other departments and applications. PerfectHR helps make your world a more Perfect World.


Employee and Dependent Demographics

• Name and Address

• Multiple phone numbers

• Insurance elections

• Union identification

• Gender and Marital status

• Citizenship

• Hire and Rehire Dates

• Break in Service


Manages Salary and Job History

• Salary Administration

• Job Analysis

• Workers Compensation

• Organization Planning

• Salary History

• Job History

• Position Control

• Electronic DOL Handbook


Manages Benefits

• Benefits Administration

• Plan Definition

• Cost Analysis

• Premium Reconciliation


Career Development

• Skills Tracking

• Education

• Skill Development

• Org Charts

• ISO Certification


Government Reporting

• EEO and AAP


• OSHA Tracking

• I- 9 Tracking

• OSHA 300

• Workers Compensation



• Grievance Tracking

• Mass Salary, Job and Benefit updates

• Full Database Security


Position Control

• Open and maintain jobs

• Fill open position from existing work force or applicants

• Create open positions for terminated employees

• Maintain FTE information for all open positions

• Maintain organization structures including open position


Custom Design

• Change data labels for input fields

• Remove unused fields

• Create user defined fields

• Modify Standard Reports

• Define Benefit Rules

• Define Attendance Accruals

• Create custom code tables


Standard Reports (over 200 included) using Crystal Reports


Employee Basic Information

• Census, Alphabetic

• Name List

• Age Listing

• Birthday Listing

• Employee Profiles

• Emergency Contact List

• Home Address List

• Phone Directory

• Anniversary List


Workers Compensation

• Claim Cost Analysis

• Log of Claims

• OSHA 200 Worksheet



• Visual Calendar View Benefits

• Coverage by Employee

• Enrollment by Plan

• Premium Totals by Plan

• Census Report

• COBRA Billing and Census

• Dependent Listing

• Employee Benefit Letter


Succession Planning

• Event List

• Organization List

• Service List (Longevity)

• Skills & Education Profile

• Skill Retrieval


Government / Affirmative Action

• EEO -1 Summary and Detail

• EEO -4 Summary and Detail

• I- 9 Citizenship Verification

• Veterans (VETS -100)

• OSHA 200



• New Hires

• Terminations

• Ranked Salary List

• Reviews Due List

• Review Forms

• Salary Analysis

• Compensation Analysis

• Salary History

• Increase Analysis


Financial Planning

• Headcount Analysis

• Budget Report


Understand Business Unit


Vacation and Benefit Costs


Optional Modules

• Time and Attendance

• File Import Export

• Payroll Interface

• Custom Benefit Statements

• Benefit Election and Enrollment

• Salary planning and administration

• Multiple Job Cost Centers

• Enhanced Security

• Applicant Tracking

• Position Control

• Requisition Management

• Terminal Server/Citrix Option

• Ad Hoc reports and queries with custom edit grids

• Employee Self Service

• PerfectPayroll

• PerfectApplicant

• PerfectAlerts

Empowering Human Capital Management

HR Software Made Easy

try free button that has the most efficient and reliable HRIS platform in the industry, there are so many applications that use cloud-based formats nowadays that you can sometimes get overwhelmed with choices. With us, your experience is tailor-made.SCHEDULE YOUR FREE DEMO

Product Features:

All-in-One HR Software 

 The Benefits of Using a cloud-based HRIS Platform with Employee Self-ServicePerfectSoftware's Return on Investment (ROI) can save your company money by having an accurate database of all your information in one easy and accessible place.

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New Hires and Terminations

 The tasks for to bring new hires on board quickly are reduced with PerfectSoftware's Human Capital Management Software.We every newly hired employee, the operations and tasks to be completed are tracked through the whole process of training and compliance procedures.

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Employee Performance Reviews

Employee Performance Reviews enable HR professionals to reward accomplishments by employees that are motivated and seek promotion within your company.Keep track of employee performance with our Performance Management reporting feature. 

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Perfect Applicant Tracking

Reduce the tasks associated with recruiting candidates for open positions in your company. Search and sort applicants according to qualifications and skill-sets. Keep in contact with the people that have the skills you need to grow.Applicant Tracking software is integrated fully into PerfectSoftware's Online HRIS system. 

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Perfect Cloud-based HRIS

Cloud-Based and smartphone accessible by both managers and employees, our HRIS SaaS will help your company grow and retain the employees it needs for success.With our manager and employee self-service portal, data is kept accurate and up to date by your workforce instead of your HR team, freeing them up to focus more on strategic goals. 

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Perfect Payroll & HR Together

With PerfectSoftware, payroll is integrated with human capital management software to ensure accuracy of time and attendance reporting.Payroll and HR software all-in-one. PerfectSoftware is online and accessible by smartphones iphones and ipads. Have your employees manage their information for you. 

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Who Uses Perfect HCM?

home care of rochester uses our company to perform payrolls and general hiring activities
missing children are our concern too, we offer support and expertise in how to better manage your company's finances
the united states institute of peace is a worldwide organization that shares our values.
Contact us today, or call us first for a free demonstration of all our applications and modules
cgs inc is one of our valuable customers who uses our services to better manage their hiring of staff and future development of their company with an aim at maximizing profits and by giving their administrative team the time to track individuals on the ways that they perform and succeed in the company
Our PerfectHR application can help your business save money and help your administrators save time to focus on talent searches to make your data collection capabilities better reflect success in the firm.
Your time will be saved and your administrative staff will be free to work on long term strategies and your employees will use our self-service portal to manage their HR activities.
Florida produces some of the highest quality fruits and vegetables, just think that our applications help put fresh food on your table.
we have strong customer support where you can get expert advice on how to use our online applications
With employee check-in though our self-service portal, bingham mchale is a leader in the industry that uses our application to better manage their firm's information.
time and attendance tracking and reporting for a precision steel company that also has an administrative team that is concerned with saving money.
our customers come first, we pride ourselves on being helping you save money by leaving the tedious administrative tasks to us, call today to get a free demonstration of our products.
taylor trim relies on us to manage their administrative affairs, with PerfectHR it is easy to stay ahead of the game.
the dallas ymca is using our service and so does willis auto salon. All you administrative staff needs are accounted for in our flexible and reliable accounting and bookkeeping application.
willis auto campus sells great vehicles and Dallas YMCA helps kids. Our reputation is well known across the country and our customers are very satisfied with our development.