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Flexibility with Applicant Tracking

Critical to every organization’s success is the ability to attract and hire high-quality candidates. Perfect HCM's Applicant Tracking module enables HR recruiters to manage job postings and approvals, candidate submissions and interactions, expedite on-boarding, attach scanned resumes to candidate records and dynamically search for skill sets.
  Applicant tracking enables you to find the best fit applicants with the skill sets you require in your hiring and recruiting processes.

Business Impact:

      • Expand your applicant pool with your own online self-service careers portal
      • Gain efficiencies through streamlined recruiting and on-boarding processes
      • Spend more time interacting with candidates
      • Identify higher-quality candidates
      • Centralize applicant data onlineApplicant tracking interface helps you track the ways that people move between departments or into offices that are faraway and lonely when you haven't had a decent meal in weeks, why not remember that worker's birthday or anniversary.
      • Optimize Workflows
      • Eliminate Paper




Key Features:


Post Open Jobs to Your Web Site

Create and manage job postings; display postings on your company website through a career portal. Link your job board postings directly to the specific posting on your company website.


Online Career Portal

Create a portal for applicants to manage/maintain their candidate profile, upload resume and apply to openings. Accept candidates from external recruiters and internal employee referrals.


Manage a Large Applicant Pool

Quickly sort, review qualifications and make a decision on applicants among a large pool. Track interview results, references and background checks.


Automatic HR Processes

Automate notifications and streamline job applicant to new hire process. Move candidate information to a new employee record in a single step, eliminating redundant data entry and potential costly errors.

HR Software Made Easy

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Who Uses Perfect HCM?

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Our PerfectHR application can help your business save money and help your administrators save time to focus on talent searches to make your data collection capabilities better reflect success in the firm.
Your time will be saved and your administrative staff will be free to work on long term strategies and your employees will use our self-service portal to manage their HR activities.
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